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Principal Jared Kirby CircularHi, I’m Jared. Thank you for your interest in my business. I know you’re interested in learning how we can serve your needs, so I’ll get right to it. After about a decade of digital marketing program management, working in a variety of industries and for the largest industry players, I finally reached the long-awaited milestone of starting a digital marketing consultancy firm.

I started the firm on the principles of providing better value for my clients by forming an organization vastly different from our competitors. Below you'll see how we operate and why we're different. You won't want to miss reading this:

Superior Professionals

For clients in the industries we serve, we have dedicated industry-specific consultants who are considered experts. When you consider the other options of outsourcing marketing services, you nearly always face the same old model that isn't designed for your best interest. Rather, it's designed to serve the marketing firm's financial interest.  In a nutshell, other marketing firms are designed to gobble up as many clients as it can, and then produce the work at the lowest costs possible. It all breaks down to a lower hourly cost for the firm, which means you receive precious little time dedicated to your projects. Additionally, the people assigned to handle your work are low on the totem pole, in terms of skill and their compensation--after all that's good for the marketing firm's financial well being. We understand the frustration of this model and the experience you'll have. Clients, like you, don't want to pay high fees for junior-level employees or deal with marketers who don't quite understand your industry and business. It's disappointing to be passed from the impressive folks, who sold you on the agency or firm's services, to account managers, "associates" or "specialists" who you have never met.  With that insight, we know what's best for your business, and having you in mind is exactly how we formulated our model.  We'll arm your business with best-in-class professionals, who plan and execute strategies from which your business can excel to new heights. Our stellar industry leaders will be your consultants from the beginning stages, and perform all of the work required to champion your projects through successful completion.
Our consultants have:

  • MBAs and bachelor's degrees in marketing from accredited universities
  • Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 experience
  • Management experience with multi-million-dollar budgets
  • at least 7 years of experience with large, publicly held organizations

Unrushed Time for Clients & Better Communication

During my years of overseeing marketing programs in large organizations, just like you, I’ve been in the position to hire third-party marketing and advertising services. I methodically moved through the process of selecting the best entity, based on my business needs and what the marketing services' sales representatives promised. Then, an account managers, who were always short on time and lacked answers to critical questions would try to accommodate the promises that were made. I could tell that their ongoing challenge of forever trying to balancing the actual work they promised and the amount of time that could be allocated to my projects, never failed to result in substandard results. The fast-paced environment in which agencies operate nearly always results in discombobulated projects, and it isn't difficult to sniff this out during status update meetings. Decision making of important project details that are made on your behalf are done so with haste, and will ultimately lead you to an intolerable level of dissatisfaction. Our all-hands-on-deck approach to your projects requires all of our stakeholders who are involved with your project to be present for client interactions, and that mitigates misunderstanding between your team and us. Our clients feel better informed and receive instant answers to their important questions throughout the project lifecycle. This approach reduces unexpected project surprises, project risks are mitigated and your best interest reamins our top priority. Our client-centric approach includes:


  • Methodical planning and organization of projects solely based on client needs, not what's best for us
  • Strategic planning and implementation for long-term, durable marketing programs that minimize ongoing maintenance
  • Prioritization of attainable, high-yield marketing activities that maximize profits
  • Inclusion of as much face-time as the client desires, and a willingness to accomodate changing client needs

Metrics That Matter

We use metrics that matter. We'll help you develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your overarching business strategy by identifying measurable goals, the respective objectives, tactical applications and controls that are mandatory for the successful implementation of your strategy. Our strategic framework strictly governs projects and our ability to match marketing metrics with your internal gauges of success proves our success. It's hard to argue with valid data when it's presented in the right context, and we're outstanding in our ability to identify, tracking and report the best indicators for your business goals.

Our Commitment

The digital marketing landscape, as well as your business and industry, are constantly evolving. Our approaches are firm while we exercise the perfect amount of agility to adapt to changes and whatever else it takes to achieve success. We’re not afraid of change orders, like other firms, because we don't overload our personnel and we're not fighting the typical billable-hour model that our competitors struggle with. We’re committed to your success because your success determines ours. In some cases, we have lost money on projects that required more of our time than what we estimated, but without reservation we happily pressed on to meet client expectations. We strive to over deliver on your expectations, complete work in a timely manner and prove measurable success.

Let's Get Started

If you’re interested in our services, then we would love to hear from you. The first step is for us to gain an understanding of your business, challenges and goals. From there, we can assess the situation and formulate a strategic approach.  Get in touch by visiting the Contact Us page or call (432) 352-3039.

Your Healthcare Marketing Leadership

  • Jared

    Jared has served healthcare businesses in B-2-B and B-2-C capacities. He is highly skilled in digital facets of marketing. The majority of his healthcare marketing experience entails large healthcare conglomerates, national healthcare systems and regional hospitals. Additionally, he has helped start-up practitioners and healthcare agencies grow within their local markets. Jared earned an undergraduate degree in Marketing Management and an MBA through Texas A&M University. He is currently enrolled in a Digital Marketing continuing education program through New York University.
  • Martin

    Martin has worked for a variety of different healthcare employers, throughout his extensive career in healthcare marketing. While he has much expertise in healthcare marketing and advertising, his greatest strengths are brand, content and leadership marketing. His marketing experience is comprised of national hospital and emergency medicine organizations as well as regional and local healthcare organizations. Martin earned an undergraduate degree in business administration from LeTourneau University, an MBA in Healthcare from Our Lady of the Lake University, a Graduate Certificate in Marketing from Southern Methodist University and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.
  • Kim

    Kim specializes in B-2-B and B-2-C marketing. She has supported revenue growth for leading healthcare staffing and practice management organizations. The last 7 years of her healthcare marketing experience has been largely focused on hospital-based services. She is skilled in strategic marketing, messaging, content development, advanced sales needs, and stays abreast of the latest digital marketing tactics. Kim has earned an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of West Florida, and is nearing completion of an MBA in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University.

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