Search Engine Marketing for an Air Ambulance

How we helped an air ambulance business soar.

Executive Summary

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An air ambulance company, that provides long-range medical air transport services, was earning a less than desirable return on their online advertising efforts. With an online advertising budget of just under $250,000 per year, we successfully reduced the average cost per lead, increased lead volume and improved flight revenues (quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year). We helped the company achieve record success by identifying approximately $156,000 in wasteful advertising expenses. Then, we shifted those wasteful dollars into high-yield advertising placements.





A data-driven, phased approach was taken to improve all applicable touch points that prospects flow through to progress into a lead. Next, we conducted internal and external research to determine the inputs required to deliver an ideal user experience. Finally, we grew revenues and top-line profits by expanding advertising reach.

Phase 1: Utilize Critical Information Prospects Typically need

We broke down the prospect decision-making process, and gathered all the information pertinent to each stage of the process. We analyzed contact information recorded from previous lead submission forms completed by prospects requesting our client's services (mostly flight requests). Additionally, we reviewed our client's Web site analytics data, to discover other critical information prospects consume before deciding to contact the business and inquire about services. Next, we asked personnel, who handle the inbound calls, about the deal-breaker questions and the most frequently asked questions. We created Web site content and online advertisements that spoke directly to those commonly sought answers. The results of modifying our client's Web site content and advertisements were as follows:

  • 48% increase in advertisement click-through volume
  • 133% increase in quality leads
  • 51% reduction in the usage of irrelevant keywords that triggered ads to show


Phase II: Expand Marketing Penetration

Even though the annual online advertising budget was approximately a quarter of a million dollars, we weren't able to advertise in all the best locations. By reducing wasteful spending on low-performing areas, we experimented with the savings to identify high-yield opportunities. We found that some search engines produced a higher return on advertising (ROA) than Google because the target demographics were a closer match. By expanding advertisements into other high-yield opportunities, we realized:

  • 36% increase in ROA 
  • 24% improvement in flight volume
  • 44% improvement in flight revenue


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