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How Our Marketing Services Cured Physician Management Ailments

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Executive Summary

A national physician practice management company that manages and operates hospital emergency departments and other related services was suffering from one of the most urgent challenges, one that can make or break success in the healthcare industry. In more than a fourth of its client hospitals across the nation, the company was failing to meet promised operational goals due to severe staffing shortages of healthcare providers and administrative leadership. In hospital and emergency medicine, recruiting talent is a core focus that critically affects so many operational metrics. Our answer to this problem was an intelligent, scalable advertising solution that substantially lifted recruiting and hiring activity. As a result, operational metrics improved across hundreds of facilities, nationwide.



We worked alongside the client's IT development team, to produce an elaborate applicant tracking system. It was designed to capture invaluable marketing and advertising data throughout the many stages of recruiting and hiring. Embedding these tracking mechanisms allowed us to drill down to granular levels of data, and then fully optimize digital marketing and recruiting performance. In tandem, the greatest digital marketing channels and their respective sources were utilized to drive qualified applicants through the hiring processes. This included the application of search engine optimization to earn high-ranking visibility within search engine results pages as well as job boards' search engines. A few of the most valuable insights we captured included:

  • Marketing and advertising sources from which applications were received, segmented by specialty and position title
  • Average cost per application and the average cost per hire, segmented by marketing and advertising source, specialty, position title and geography
  • Average number of applications typically required to generate an interview, as well as the average number of interviews typically required to hire talent
  • Average number of days it takes to hire talent, segmented by specialty, position title, geography and marketing and advertising source



As we assessed talent acquisition metrics, we gained a greater understanding about how to efficiently target the different clinician types. This information enabled us to swiftly fill open positions at optimal costs by calculating time, costs and application volumes typically required to hire talent for each specialty and job title. With this ability to forecast hiring needs, the following year's budgetary needs were optimized so not to over or under fund staffing needs. Because of this lean process, the client realized a substantially greater level of profitability with the majority of its clientele.



By introducing an improved process of acquiring talent, the root problem of hiring clinicians, that affected so many healthcare facilities, was effectively treated. As a result, the client's reputation with its clients and prospects improved, and healthcare facilities were back to producing great healthcare at measurable success.


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Your Healthcare Marketing Leadership Team

  • Jared

    Jared has served healthcare businesses in B-2-B and B-2-C capacities. He is highly skilled in digital facets of marketing. The majority of his healthcare marketing experience entails large healthcare conglomerates, national healthcare systems and regional hospitals. Additionally, he has helped start-up practitioners and healthcare agencies grow within their local markets. Jared earned an undergraduate degree in Marketing Management and an MBA through Texas A&M University. He is currently enrolled in a Digital Marketing continuing education program through New York University.
  • Marty

    Marty is a healthcare professional specializing in marketing. He has extensive experience in marketing for a variety of healthcare companies, including hospitals, physician organizations and the healthcare supply chain. While his experience is broad-based, his strength is in brand strategy, content marketing, sales lead generation development and sales enablement. He has worked with national hospital and physician groups as well as regional and local organizations. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Marketing from Southern Methodist University, an MBA with a concentration in healthcare administration from Our Lady of the Lake University and is Board Certified in healthcare administration by the American College of Healthcare Executives.
  • Kim

    Kim specializes in B-2-B and B-2-C marketing. She has supported revenue growth for leading healthcare staffing and practice management organizations. The last 7 years of her healthcare marketing experience has been largely focused on hospital-based services. She is skilled in strategic marketing, messaging, content development, advanced sales needs, and stays abreast of the latest digital marketing tactics. Kim has earned an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of West Florida, and is nearing completion of an MBA in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University.

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