A Digital Marketing Facelift for the Plastic Surgeon

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Executive Summary

A new plastic surgery practice in Fort Worth, primarily providing cosmetic enhancements, was struggling to attract prospective patients and successfully convert consultations into profitable procedures. Advertising, such as full-page magazine spreads, basic Social Media, Web site presences and outdoor placements had been attempted, only to find that those tactics provided little to no return. As a solution, Web content was created to authoritatively fulfill informational needs that prospective patients have during their search for cosmetic enhancements and qualifications required to select an ideal provider. Search engine optimization was applied to achieve high visibility placements in search engines, and programmatic advertising was employed to further increase the number of consultations and procedures.

The Solution

Content Production

We examined the sales funnel and the modern consumer decision-making model, to identify and produce Web site content that was perceived by prospects as both impressive in presentation and highly informative. As prospects consumed the content, they were able to objectively obtain answers to important questions that pertained to stages within the decision making model. Shown below, is an example of how the prospective patients flow through the cognitive process inside the framework of the decision making model.Decision Making Model Plastic Surgery

By factoring the cognitive needs into the production of content, we were able to accomplish a few highlighted objectives of the digital marketing plan. These included:

  1. Prospective patients found a local authority, who impressively presented high-value answers to their questions and other important considerations the surgeon needed to communicate in the consultations.

  2. The informative content rapidly graduated prospective patients through the stages of their decision-making process, so that prospects progressed to a state of willingness and enthusiasm to schedule a consultation.

  3. Armed with more knowledge and adequate time to process applicable cosmetic enhancement options, consultations:
    a. became simplified conversations and more personable
    b. required less face-to-face time
    c. successfully reduced the time lapse between consultations and scheduled procedures
    d. resulted in a higher success rate of converting consultations into procedures

Attraction of Qualified Prospects

We optimized the Web site to appear in high-ranking positions within search engine results pages, with minimal expenses. This allowed us to target critical keywords that were relevant to each cosmetic solution, and then drive prospects to the applicable content.  This was highly effective to convert prospects, who were further along in their decision-making process to meet the surgeon and follow through with a procedure.

For those who were not quite ready to engage in a consultation, “remarketing” or “programmatic” advertisements were continuously displayed on prospects’ devices. This enabled us to cycle highly relevant ads for specific enhancements to the prospects’ unique browser activity. This tactic helped to further deliver informative content, for each prospective patient’s interest, and helped direct them back to the client’s Web site to fulfill outstanding needs in their decision-making -process. This matured a substantial volume of prospects who were not fully ready for a consultation into prospects who were ready. Ultimately, this helped our client to prioritize its marketing and sales activity to capitalize on patients who were most ready for a procedure, but not lose sight of those not too far behind in the process.

Other Notable Results

  • Consultation volume increased 446%

  • Rates at which consultations converted into procedures increased 81%

  • Average consultation time for less intensive procedures declined markedly

  • Average, marketing and advertising expenses were reduced 67%

  • High profitability procedures increased 31%


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